Head of RF Transceivers


  • Assisting with the determination and translation of MCCI Strategy as it pertains to the research and teaching activities being undertaken within the Group
  • To generate world-beating research outputs, including IP for commercialisation, as well as publications in leading conferences and journals such as ISSCC and JSSC.
  • To attract and recruit key research staff in order to build a world-class, industry-focused core research team.
  • To set the research agenda and develop a detailed research roadmap for the group including project definitions in conjunction with industry partners and the MCCI Director.
  • Define new projects, in conjunction with the Operations Manager, targeting new provate and public funding in order to increase the scale of the group and to ensure long term sustainability
  • To build relationships with other research groups both nationally and internationally including the creation of collaborative projects.
  • To build relationships with member companies, including the creation of collaborative projects and secure funding for such projects.
  • Lead an independent research agenda and manage all funding aspects of same.
  • Drive publication output within the team.
  • Responsibility for sourcing funding for projects and ensuring the Group’s financial sustainability.
  • The quality of the Group’s output, according to metrics and Key Performance Indicators agreed by the MCCI Central Steering Committee.
  • Ensuring that the Group’s student supervision and teaching quality is high.
  • Technical coordination with the Group, including the direction of the purchase of those items of equipment in the Group funded by Tyndall or external strategic funds, or other funding as directed by the Head of Centre or CEO.
  • Coordination and management of safety issues with the Group, in consultation with the Tyndall Safety Officer.
  • Ensuring that staff annual reviews are conducted on time and in line with Tyndall procedures. This will be in full consultation with relevant PI(s) regarding staff member performace.
  • Ensuring that student reviews are conducted on time and in line with Tyndall procedures.
  • Meeting with any staff or students in the Group, as needed in order to achieve the above.
  • Other responsibilities as may be agreed with the Tyndall CEO or relevant Head of Centre.

Microelectronic Circuits Centre Ireland (MCCI) is an EI / IDA technology centre hosted at Tyndall National Institute – University College Cork in collaboration with the University of Limerick. Its mission is to carry out industry-led world-class mixed-signal and RF integrated circuit research to deliver trained people and IP to industry. MCCI is already collaborating with 27 companies and many of our staff eventually transfer into the thriving microelectronics industry in Ireland. MCCI targets real-life applications with its research and currently has projects in diverse topics such as DNA detection for food safety next generation optical communications, bio-sensing, imaging for security applications and early cancer detection.

MCCI is carrying out innovative research in the areas of mmWave Radio Frequency, Frequency Synthesis, high speed optical transceivers, high performance data-converters and power management integrated circuits to enable new applications. As microelectronics chips are manufactured in ever smaller geometries the performance of Analogue and Mixed-Signal circuits degrade while at the same time digital logic becomes cheaper, smaller and lower power. Digitally-Assisted-Analogue techniques such as digital pre-distortion and calibration can be used in such deep sub-micron technologies to improve the performance of traditional Analogue circuits and these techniques are at the core of MCCI research.


  • A PhD (Science/Engineering) or extensive and nationally recognised professional experience.
  • The ideal candidate with have at least 15 years experience in RF IC design or research activities with a strong fundamental understanding of low power RF techniques, as it pertains to applications in medical technology, communications and internet of things.
  • Generally a number of years successful track record as a Senior Staff Researcher.
  • To manage and direct bids for major research and/or consultancy projects nationally and internationally.
  • To work towards the strategic development of the Group in line with the Centre strategy and the Tyndall Strategic Plan.
  • To direct and promote activities designed to develop collaborative research with research colleagues and support staff internally and to actively develop appropriate external contacts and networks relevant to future collaboration and funding opportunities.
  • Experience of leading a research team environment and managing staff/students.
  • Extensive understanding of the national and international context of research.
  • Experience of working on high-profile projects attracting media interest.
  • Proactive independent researcher with the skills to attract future research funding through academic and industry collaboration.
  • Flexible and adaptive with a positive approach to managing substantial projects and associated resources.
  • Ability to lead a team with provision for participation on a management development programme.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • The ideal candidate will have a strong RF circuit design background with at least 15 years experience.
  • Experience in the design of applications in Internet of Things, medical technology, smart agriculture, ultra-low power, energy harvesting and storage is highly desirable .
  • Excellent communication skills are essential.

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