MCCI actively works to improve the microelectronics ecosystem in Ireland and thus is focused on delivering benefits to both industrial and academic research partners.


Industrial Partners

  • Direction of a multi-million euro research spend.
  • Creation of a skills pool directly relevant to members.
  • Access to IP at rates discounting for contributions.
  • First sight and first options on IP from MCCI projects.
  • Putting companies in contact with research partners.
  • MCCI facilitation of public funding applications.
  • Project access to MCCI CAD tools, IP and ASIC manufacturing.
  • Dedicated MCCI office space in Tyndall with hot desks for visiting members.
  • Network with industrial members to develop business opportunities.
  • Access to the combined experience of industrial and academic members.

Academic Partners

  • Access to a multi-million euro source of funding solely for microelectronics research.
  • MCCI facilitation of supplemental funding applications from other sources.
  • Guidance and market knowledge from industry leading experts in their field.
  • Very high chance of publication at key conferences.
  • Very high chance of IP commercialisation.
  • Access to EDA tools with no tool support or commercialisation restrictions.
  • Development and demonstration of new skills with industry career path potential.
  • Putting researchers in contact with the right industrial partner.
  • Expert advice from industry, other researchers and Technical Steering Group.