MCCI Videos

Watch our latest videos to learn more about our missionĀ  which is to deliver high impact research outcomes, and by doing so develop our researchers into independent thinkers and future leaders in Irish companies and in the global semiconductor landscape.

These videos will explain how the centre is run and features our research leaders who explain their research areas from circuit design for wireless communications, precision circuits for sensor interfaces as well as radio frequencies for Wifi and Bluetooth applications. They explain how we prepare our students for industry positions by exposing them to a variety of research projects that have commercial applications.

Our chairman discusses global mega trends over the next 10 to 15 years. The amount of IOT deployed devices in the world is growing by millions every day. The global megatrends are enabled by microelectronics developed by our research pillars. He highlights our significant impact on job creation in Ireland in both the domestic and international sector. It is the level of research that we do in microelectronics, that becomes really important for all applications that are data related in industry around the world.