The AACD organising committee along with the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society UK & Ireland Chapter places the health and safety of our participants of utmost importance.

Due to the growing concerns related to COVID19 and its impact on our community’s ability to travel to the workshop, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 workshop until next year. We now plan to hold AACD 2021 on March 22-24th in Cork, Ireland.

The program topics and subject to availability, the speakers and titles will remain the same, though with up to date insights.

While we were not expecting to make this kind of change so close to the date, the technical and organising committees felt that the real value of attending AACD and where our participants really benefit from the workshop format, is from the in-person presentations followed by the discussion and debate typically raised by the talks. We understand that many companies are restricting travel, and a reduced attendance or indeed a virtual format would not lead to the same level of insights or takeaways for our participants.

AACD Organising Committee