We are delighted to announce that Professor Willy Sansen, will make a welcome return to MCCI to deliver his Advanced Analogue Design II Course from 29th – 31st May.
Access to this course is strictly limited to our industry partners, students and researchers. We offer our industry partners many research benefits including access to leading professors as part of our education programme. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent educational programme for industry and students to enhance their knowledge in circuit design as we strive to develop the future thinkers within Advanced Analogue IC Design.
Here is a a brief outline of what will be covered on each day.

Monday 29th May

1.1 Feedback : Voltage and Trans- conductanceamps
1.2 Feedback : Stability of operational amplifiers
1.3 Design of Switched-capacitor filters
1.4 Noise sampling

Tuesday 30th May

2.1 Oversampling AD Converters
2.2 Low-power Sigma-Delta converters
2.3 High-speed Continuous-time SD converters
2.4 High-speed DACs

Wednesday 31st May

3.1 Crystal oscillators and VCO’s
3.2 Design of LNA’s
3.3 High-speed synthesizers and PLLs
3.4 Analog-Digital coupling

Professor Willy Sansen Biography

Professor Sansen has received the MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1967 and the PhD degree in Electronics from the
University of California, Berkeley in 1972.

In 1972 he was appointed by the National Fund of Scientific Research (Belgium) at the ESAT laboratory of the K.U.Leuven, where he has been a full professor since 1980. During the period 1984-1990 he was the head of the Electrical Engineering Department. Between 1984 and 2008 he has headed the ESAT-MICAS laboratory on analog design, which counts about sixty members and which is mainly active in research projects with industry. He was involved in spin-offs such as Ansem, ICSense, Kimotion, Zenso, ..and is a member of several boards of directors. In 1984 he was involved in the creation of IMEC, in which he was consultant up to 2008.

In 1978 he was a visiting professor at Stanford University, in 1981 at the EPFL Lausanne, in 1985 at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, in 1994 at the T.H. Ulm, in 2004 at Infineon, Villach and in 2012 at the Techn. Univ. Munchen. Prof. Sansen is a member of several editorial and program committees of journals and conferences. He is co-founder and organiser of the workshops on Advances in Analog Circuit Design in Europe. He was a member of the executive and program committees of the IEEE ISSCC conference from 1995 to 2009. He was program chair of the ISSCC-2002 conference and President of the Solid-State Circuits Society in 2008-2009. He is recipient of the SSCS Donald Pederson Award in 2011. He is a Life Fellow of the IEEE.

He has been involved in design automation and in numerous analogue integrated circuit designs for telecommunications, consumer electronics, medical applications and sensors. He has been supervisor of over sixty-five PhD theses in these fields. He has authored and coauthored more than 650 papers in international journals and conference proceedings and sixteen books among which the slide based book “Analoge Design Essentials” (Springer 2006).

This is an exclusive course we are offering to our industry partners but for further information please fill out the contact form below and one of our experienced researchers will be in touch.