Membership of MCCI is open to companies and research providing organisations with an interest in the development of microelectronics in Ireland.

Membership of MCCI will need to be approved by the Industry Steering Board. Prospective members should e-mail If a member is accepted into MCCI they will need to sign bye-laws for the centre and if they wish to benefit from MCCI core-funded projects they will need to sign an IP and collaboration agreement.

MCCI actively works to improve the microelectronics ecosystem in Ireland and thus is focused on delivering benefits to both industrial and academic research partners.


Industrial Partners

  • Direction of a multi-million euro research spend.
  • Creation of a skills pool directly relevant to members.
  • Access to IP at rates discounting for contributions.
  • First sight and first options on IP from MCCI projects.
  • Putting companies in contact with research partners.
  • MCCI facilitation of public funding applications.
  • Project access to MCCI CAD tools, IP and ASIC manufacturing.
  • Dedicated MCCI office space in Tyndall with hot desks for visiting members.
  • Network with industrial members to develop business opportunities.
  • Access to the combined experience of industrial and academic members.

Academic Partners

  • Access to a multi-million euro source of funding solely for microelectronics research.
  • MCCI facilitation of supplemental fundingapplications from other sources.
  • Guidance and market knowledge from industry leading experts in their field.
  • Very high chance of publication at key conferences.
  • Very high chance of IP commercialisation.
  • Access to EDA tools with no tool support or commercialisation restrictions.
  • Development and demonstration of new skills with industry career path potential.
  • Putting researchers in contact with the right industrial partner.
  • Expert advice from industry, other researchers and Technical Steering Group.