The InterTradeIreland 2017 All-Island Innovation Master Class Series at University College Cork takes place this Friday, 12th May.

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Below is a brief outline of what promises to be an excellent event for all innovators.

The international guest speaker is Professor Ellen Enkel, Chair of Innovation Management and leading academic, researcher and leading business advisor. Prof. Dr. Ellen Enkel is head of the Dr. Manfred Bischoff Institute of Innovation Management of Airbus Group and holds the chair of innovation management at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen/Germany. Additionally she is Editor-in-Chief of the R&D Management Journal since 2012 and academic head of the executive master program of digital business models at Zeppelin University. Her research focuses is on digital transformation, ecosystems and open innovation where she has published various articles in journals like R&D Management Journal, Technovation, Technological Forecasting and Social Change International, Journal of Innovation Management and Journal of Technology Management the last decade. She is one of the most cited authors of the field with broad industry experience in companies like BASF, BMW, SAP, or Henkel but also with SME in the manufacturing industry.

Innovation Lecture
Succeeding in Open Innovation: Solving the €100 million question
9.15 – 11:00
Friday, 12th May 2017
Library Creative Zone
Main Campus, University College CorkOpen innovation offers companies the promise of being able to exponentially increase the scale and scope of their innovation activity through harnessing externally controlled resources. However, the reality is that the majority of firms struggle to realise the promised potential of the open innovation paradigm. Drawing on her experience of multiple industrial research projects and study of successful open innovation cases, Professor Enkel will highlight the common pitfalls companies encounter and how management can overcome these to appropriate value, grow their venture and enhance their competitive advantage.

Innovation Master Class
Revolutionising your industry: Harnessing the potential of the ecosystem through effective business models
Friday, 12th May 2017
Library Creative Zone
Main Campus, University College Cork
Following on from the innovation lecture, Professor Enkel will explore how SME firms can harness and structure their ecosystem to disrupt industry rules of the past. Building collaborative capabilities and synergistic business models cognisant of the needs of the network rather than the individual firm are challenging to establish but if achieved can offer firms long term commercial advantage. In this master class, Professor Enkel suggests strategies and routines that SME’s can pursue to grow and defend themselves in an increasingly globalised marketplace.

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