MTC- MCCI Technical Conference Opens


Christian Birk, Damien Mc Cartney, Analog Devices with Donnacha O Rioridan, Executive Director MCCI at the opening of MTC 2018

We are delighted to announce that our inaugural MTC – MCCI Technical Conference is now underway with a great turn out from our industry partners and our researchers. 

MTC is the key technical event for MCCI where our researchers and our industry members will come together to examine academic research papers.

“We’re delighted to host our inaugural Technical Conference which has been driven by the needs of our industry members to have access to key insights and trends from our researchers. We are in a unique position to offer industry, high impact research outcomes through our talented microelectronics researchers” Donnacha O’Riordan, Executive Director, MCCI.

One of the many benefits MCCI offers its industry members is access to exclusive events such as MTC, as well as workshops, seminars and lectures.

The conference will have four sessions examining the following areas;

  • Session 1 – High Speed Transceivers and Clocking Circuits
  • Session 2 – High Precision Circuits
  • Session 3- Low Power Circuits
  • Session 4 -Wireless Circuits and Systems


  • Declan Carey- Xilinx
  • Yann Donnelly- UCC
  • Dawei Mai – UCD
  • Naser Pourmousavian – UCD
  • Yizhe Hu – UCD
  • John O’Donnell – Analog Devices
  • Daniel O’Hare – Tyndall
  • Sohail Asghar – Tyndall (Rohm – Powervation)
  • Peng Cheng – UCD
  • Dmytro Mishagli – UCD
  • James McCarthy – Tyndall
  • Tim Daly – Tyndall
  • Aidan Murphy – Tyndall
  • Spyros Kalogiros – Tyndall
  • Vibutesh Kumar Singh- UCD
  • Yang Xu – UCD
  • Yue Li, UCD
  • Anding Zhu, UCD
  • Brian Keogh- UCD