Industry Engagement

Our mission is to deliver economic impact through microelectronics research excellence. Our close engagement with industry ensures that we remain focused on delivering results aligned to its needs. This has resulted in new (RD&I) opportunities for Ireland which in turn creates jobs in high tech semiconductor sector.

Our diverse and multidisciplinary ecosystem continues to drive innovation and inward investment with the support of IDA and Enterprise Ireland.


Our partner companies have announced over 1,000 jobs in the last five years, enabled by our research staff transferring to industry.



Partner Benefits

Industry Partners

  • Open Innovation model with a collaborative approach.
  • Bespoke and confidential research service.
  • Access to a trusted team focused on a programme of industry-relevant application-based research.
  • Clear IP license terms for research results for all collaborators.
  • Technical competencies complementary to industry.
  • Expertise in navigating and leveraging public funding schemes. 
  • Networking opportunities that bring the whole application value chain together.

Academic Partners

  • Join a critical mass of experienced circuit-focused researchers.
  • Co-ordinated and assisted access to industry.
  • Opportunity to be part of a diverse research ecosystem that brings applications and cross-discipline knowledge.
  • Access to circuits based research infrastructure, including design tools supporting commercial research.
  • Support for funding and support for commercialisation.

Contact Paul Hyland – Operations Manager –  for further information


Cad Tools

Free access to CAD tools and project execution environment.


Asic Shuttles

Funded ASIC shuttles through ASIC services providers & industry partners.


IP Access

Access to IP & 3rd party commercial-level IP.



Access to state-of-the-art equipment through the National Access Program.


Online Information

Online web-based collaboration area for information sharing.


Additional Assistance

Assistance on additional project funding applications.


Office Space

Dedicate office space and desks for visiting members.


Academic Research

Single point of contact for industry to access academic research.


Open Model

Open Innovation, collaborative research model.


Research Path

Provide a path for research commercialization.


State of Art

Research & develop solutions that pushes state of the art.


Application Knowledge

Access to application knowledge.


Research Tools

Provide a research infrastructure.


Industry Research

Industry steered research.



Recruitment, transfers to industry.



Startup enablement, through expert resources, leveraging funding.


Membership levels

We work with global semiconductor organisations as well as innovative start- ups.  Below is an outline of the the costs of membership. Contact us for further information. 

  • 5 or less employees
Tax deductible
  • 5 employees in Ireland
Tax deductible
  • 50 employees in Ireland
Tax deductible
  • 500 employees in ireland
Tax deductible
Please send your details below and we will get in touch to find out how we can work together.