IEEE Sensors Conference 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Niamh Creedon, MCCI’s Technology Commercialisation Manager who  presented at the IEEE Sensors conference in Montreal.  IEEE Sensors  is an annual conference for research scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the area of sensors and sensing technology.

Niamh presented on the topic of ‘Agricultural  4.0: Development of Seriological On-Farm Immunosensor for Animal Health Applications’.In her presentation she introduced  the prototype technology for point-of-care bovine disease diagnostics system for vets that the team has developed.

The key innovation is how the technology can detect a range of viruses and antibodies within 15 minutes.The technology relies on the fusion of electrochemical nanosensors with microelectronics. Niamh and her team have developed disposable blood sensors for simultaneous detection of both antibodies and viral diseases. The blood results are measured using a handheld electronic reader and presented on an app. One of our key research areas is in the Smart Agriculture space where researchers work towards developing systems that ensure returns through traceable and sustainable production practices. This project is a example of how the team can work across multiple application areas to enable commercialisation of research.

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Also presenting at the conference were our Tyndall colleagues Dr. Alan O’ Riordan who presented on smart sensor systems in Agtech and  PhD student Ian Seymour whose talk  focused on the ‘Removal of Dissolved Oxygen Interference in the Amperometric Detection of Monochloramine using a pH Control Method.