We work on collaborative projects in the microelectronics circuit, design space with an emphasis on analogue, analog mixed-signal, and RF circuits. Projects also have algorithm, digital design, IC architecture or system architecture components to them where these can lead to vastly improved performance of microelectronic circuits.


We also emphasise the theme of digitally assisted analogue, encompassing digital techniques for the pre-processing, post-processing, test, correction and calibration of analogue circuits.


In order to make ICs more cost effective, lower form factor, ultra-lower power and higher performance, designs continue to push down into finer geometry CMOS process technologies that include 28nm and finfet CMOS.


RF & High Speed Transceivers
RF & High Speed Transceivers

Low Power RF broadband Transceivers,

RF/mmW Freq Synthesis

RF & mmw broadband passive components

Power Management integration Systems
Power Management integration Systems

Integrated Systems,


PMIC Topologies, 

Integrated Power Management Systems

Precision Circuits & Interfaces
Precision Circuits & Interfaces

ULP multi-Sensor Interfaces

for Electro chemical,

piezo MEMs sensors,

Ultra Low Power Precision Circuits & Sensor Interfaces

Cryogenic CMOS

Amps, references, Timing Generators, bias gen, device model characterisation,

Cryogenic Grade microelectronics circuit design and testing