SIMSAR is a Matlab® Simulink® based toolbox for the study, analysis and design of SAR ADCs developed by Gerardo Salgado.  It includes a fully functional differential SAR ADC Simulink® model, which uses high-level models for the capacitor array, sampling network, comparator, switches, SAR-logic, etc. Circuit imperfections such as capacitor mismatch, sampling noise, sampling non-linearity, finite settling time, comparator noise/offset, among others, are mathematically modeled in order to provide simulation results with an equivalent precision to conventional electrical simulators. As a result, SIMSAR is several orders of magnitude faster than conventional electrical simulators, while keeping a high accuracy. Additionally, a user friendly graphical user interface is also included to facilitate SAR ADC design/study by means of parametric analysis and performance metrics, SNR, INL/DNL. SIMSAR works from Matlab® 2016b and requires Stateflow® license, in both Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Original publication

Paper   : Behavioral Modeling of SAR ADCs in Simulink

Authors: Gerardo Salgado, Alberto Dicataldo, Daniel O’Hare, Jose. M. de la Rosa, Ivan O’Connell

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License and terms of use

SIMSAR is a copyrighted software and the Microelectronic Circuits Centre Ireland (MCCI) retains all title and ownership. Therefore, MCCI can only grant a non-transferable license to use SIMSAR only for research purposes. Use for non-research purposes, e.g. professional services, is forbidden. Any user who agrees with the aforementioned terms of use of SIMSAR, must treat SIMSAR as confidential information to prevent the unauthorized use, dissemination, or publication thereof.

Simsar Toolbox