We are delighted to announce our success at being awarded funding under the EI Capital Infrastructure Call. The award will fund the purchase of a cryogenic refrigeration system to enhance our quantum materials and nanostructures capabilities. It will be the first opportunity for Irish companies to engage in emerging quantum engineering and space applications.

The Capital Funding Programme provides industry with access to critical, leading-edge equipment and infrastructure which will help them to build resilience and to remain globally competitive, particularly in the face of challenges such as those posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys TD announced the successful applicants of the Capital Equipment Fund administered by Enterprise Ireland through the Technology Gateway and Technology Centre Programmes recently.

Based at Tyndall National Institute and funded by Enterprise Ireland and the IDA, we  deliver high impact research for the semiconductor industry and generate innovative technologies. The success means that we now enable engagement with companies in way that hadn’t existed before. Commenting on the award, Donnacha O’Riordan, Executive Director,  MCCI said “Currently the prohibitive capital costs that are involved in Quantum Engineering, have prevented companies from engaging in this type of research. MNCs, SMEs and start-ups will now have the opportunity to validate their designs by having access to this cryogenic cooling system. MCCI’s circuit design team will also have ample opportunity to collaborate cross functionally with Quantum electronics researchers across Ireland and Europe”.

Dr. Ivan O’ Connell, Head of Precision Circuits, MCCI, explained that “One of the key deliverables  of the programme, is to demonstrate quantum advantage using solid-state platforms which are CMOS compatible. The cryogenic refrigeration system will target the needs of companies in the semiconductor industry who are developing solutions for space and quantum engineering applications.”

Both MCCI and Tyndall are committed to foster the development of new programmes around novel quantum materials and nanostructures and their translation into disruptive devices for quantum technologies. The new system will also open opportunities to engage with ESA funded projects and also with companies incubating in ESA BIC at Tyndall.

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