Photo caption: L to R John Morrissey MCCI,Prof. Bogdan Staszewski UCD,Yevhenii Mormul UCD, Philip Quinlan
Analog Devices & Dr. Viet Nguyen UCD

MCCI/UCD Masters Research Student Yevhenii Mormul, has won the Analog Devices (ADI) Outstanding Student IC Designer Award for 2024 for the EU Region. This award recognises his outstanding talent and research work to date focused on Time-to-Digital (TDC) converter for cryogenic applications on 28nm CMOS. The award is presented by ADI to coincide with IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). Since 1997, the ADI award has been acknowledging outstanding research achievements in the area of system-level integrated circuit design, encompassing analog, mixed-signal, or digital design.

Yevhenii is a student of Prof. Bogdan Staszewski and Dr. Viet Nguyen in University College Dublin and is delighted to have won the award. His outstanding research is focused on developing a new noise shaping architecture for TDC ADC’s with which he hopes to collaborate with Trinity College Dublin. He has been successful in achieving the following impressive results.

  • Numerical models have been developed to prove the feasibility of design in MATLAB.
  • Behavioural models for all components have been completed using VerilogA.
  • Currently design is 90% transistor level targeting FoMWalden = 15 pJ/conv.-step.
  • Currently focused on a test chip tape-out on 28nm CMOS at TSMC in early 2024 to validate the architecture innovations in his research work to date in the test lab.

Congratulating Yevhenii, John Morrissey, MCCI Executive Director, said: “I am super delighted to see Yevhenii’s talent and work acknowledged by this prestigious award from ADI. Yevhenii is one of the most outstanding students I have come across and deserves this award. The key to MCCI’s research achievements lies in nurturing our engineers to emerge as future leaders in circuit design for the industry and contributing to world-class technology research and development. This ADI sponsored award underscores the high level of expertise we can provide to our industry partners through our exceptional research”. He added that “This achievement marks a significant milestone for us, as it represents the third consecutive win by an MCCI student and fourth time in all, following the very first recipient Dr. Minh Hieu Nguyen (MCCI/UCD) in 2020, Mr. Zhongzheng Wang (MCCI/Tyndall) securing the honour in 2022, followed by Mr Mikhail Gaidukov (MCCI/Tyndall) in 2023, and now Mr Yevhenii Mormul in 2024.


It is a proud moment for all MCCI supported research teams at UCD, Tyndall, SETU, Maynooth University, University of Limerick and MTU to have our top-performing individuals recognised by Analog Devices.