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MCCI is the only industry-led microelectronic circuit research centre in Ireland and as St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the globe, we want to highlight the Irish research excellence available to Irish industry here at MCCI. Our goal is to position Ireland as a world leader in circuit’s research generating opportunities for new foreign direct investment and for indigenous companies to scale to a global level. We provide key enabling technology that generates new opportunities in areas such as future communications, medical devices, smart food and smart agriculture, to future proof the growth of the Irish economy.

Our Research

Our research strategy is informed by key application and system level requirements and from our industry partners. Our ability to leverage knowledge embedded in our research hubs with Tyndall National Institute, University of Limerick, University College Dublin, Cork Institute of Technology, NUI Maynooth and Carlow Institute of Technology is of huge benefit to our member companies. We have the very best researchers in microelectronics in Ireland working with us to deliver high impact research outcomes in their areas of expertise.
Our research focus is on digitally assisted analogue circuits, and to drive innovation in deep-submicron analogue design. The bedrock of our pipeline of research is to establish Ireland as a global hub for circuit innovations.

In Ireland there is a sophisticated and research intensive microelectronics sector. Over 60 companies, all of which are involved in new product design, are competing globally and adding major value to the Irish economy with 8,000 people directly employed, an estimated 34,000 people indirectly employed and €9B in exports.
There is a vibrant tier of highly innovative high-potential start-up companies located in Ireland. Ireland is a stand out in terms of the start-up potential that it has in microelectronics design. Several start-ups have been recognized by the international venture capital community and a number of Irish based start-up companies have been acquired by multi-nationals in recent years, demonstrating that Irish microelectronics start-ups are attracting increasing interest from significant global players.

Growth in Electronic Engineering Graduates

We have had a number of high profile project successes, which is attracting undergraduate students to pursue Electronic Engineering as field of study. This represents a significant success in achieving mind share of undergraduates to pursue a career in Microelectronics. We are delighted to witness the increase in students pursuing post graduate studies in Mixed Signal circuit’s design, as a key objective for us is the development of independent thinkers and future leaders for the Irish semiconductor sector.
The Microelectronics research landscape, has been reinvigorated through the industry-academic collaborations and dynamic business partnerships with MCCI member companies.

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We are always looking for our next research challenge and we have engagement models for companies of all sizes. Be part of Ireland’s research excellence through MCCI and deliver real results for your industry.