Dr. John Buckley

RF Antenna, Passives & Biomedical

John received the BEng degree in Electronic Engineering form Cork Institute of Technology in 1994 and the MEngSc and PhD Degrees in Electrical Engineering in 2005 and 2016 respectively. John was with EMC Corporation, Cork from 1994 to 2002 where he specialized in PCB design, High-Speed Digital Design and Signal Integrity. John joined the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Group, Tyndall in 2005 where he led the development of an Antenna and RF Design and Test capability within Tyndall. John is a Senior Researcher with 26 years’ experience and leads a team of 7 researchers, consisting of PostDoctoral researchers, PhD and Masters students working on both fundamental and applied antenna and RF research. John has a long track record of working closely with industry to develop custom antenna and RF solutions ranging from component to system-level solutions from initial concept to working prototypes, and has licensed developed antenna technology to industry. Research Interests: Electrically small antenna design, Antenna bandwidth enhancement, Tunable antennas, Wearable and implantable antenna design, Batteryless wireless devices using wireless power transfer, reconfigurable antenna design, RF front-end (RFFE) design, RFIC design, RFID antenna and system design, Wireless systems design, Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation, RF Circuit simulation, Equivalent circuit modelling, Human body EM modelling and Testing, Antenna and RF Characterization, Digital system design, Embedded and Mixed-Signal Design. Current Research: John’s is actively working on several research projects for both industrial and academic applications. These projects include antenna design for wearable healthmonitoring applications, implantable antenna and RF design for medical applications, RFID antenna and system design, antenna and RFIC wirelessly powered implantable medical devices. Autonomous 433 MHz tunable antenna for wearable wireless applications REF Autonomous 433 MHz tunable antenna for wearable wireless applications.