Mr. Seamus O’Driscoll

Power Integrated Systems

Current Research Focus: Leading teams across two main research strands, in Tyndall and in MCCI – in Integrated Power Systems and in Ultra-Low Power PMIC for IoT. The integrated power systems research is primarily centred on exploiting the opportunities being presented by recent advances in both thin film cobalt based magnetics-onsilicon (tf-MoS) and in substrate embeddable magnetic materials. The ultra-low power PMIC research is centred on the challenge of bringing advanced digital control techniques to the sub-micro watt PMIC arena. This will enable advanced feature set in next generation smart sensor nodes employing ambient energy harvesting and/or achieving extremely high battery life. Research Activities:

  •  Highly integrated multilevel and multi-phase POL and iVR on 180nm SOI and 28nm Bulk CMOS. These employ inductor technologies spanning Co-Zr-Ta-B tf-MoS, substrate embeddable through to air-cored at 100MHz.
  • Monolithically integrated GaN HEMT switching bridges and smart gate driver circuits, employing MoS functional level galvanic isolation.
  • Ultra Low Power PMIC and power-centric SoC architectures, on 180nm CMOS, for smart sensing nodes at IoT edge and wearable.
  • Integrated resonant converter systems.