The migration from analogue to digitally intensive architectures is a trend in the RF/mm-wave transmitter design, especially applicable to 5G networks. The transmitters for mm-wave 5G applications have been under active development for several years to obtain better performance, lower power and better integration with digital processors. In order to arrive at a future-proof architecture of an RF-DAC, our target is to continue optimizing a frequency-multiplied switched-capacitor RF-DAC to obtain finer resolution for better modulation accuracy and lower emissions. Simultaneously, applying the AI-assisted algorithms will help to improve its linearity performance. The outcome of this project will be a mm-wave RF-DAC that can support wide bandwidths of up to 2GHz at a 28GHz carrier frequency so that it can be deployed in 5G mobile transmitters. This project will benefit the Irish IC industry involved in mmW 5G

This project was allocated funding following the MCCI call for proposals for research into innovative future technology solutions in the area of microelectronics. The centre awarded over €5 million in funding to eight MCCI researchers for research into deeptech microelectronic solutions such as beyond 5G wireless communications, implantable biomedical devices, IoT, space and satellite electronics, and sustainable electronics.

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