We’re delighted to host Prof.Mike Flynn for a IEEE SSCS Society Talk on 4th August  2023 in Tyndall National Institute from 4.00 to 5.30pm.

He will present “An Analog Compute Engine with Multi-Level Cell ReRAM”. The talk will take place next Friday 4th August 2023 in Tyndall National Institute at 10am.
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Abstract :The explosion in AI and machine learning is driving the need for efficient matrix operations. In particular, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) depend on large-scale vector-matrix multiplication (VMM). GPUs are an excellent choice for this task because they are much more efficient than CPUs. Nevertheless, GPU systems are still energy-intensive and, therefore, prohibitive for energy-constrained applications. As AI becomes a more prominent component of computing it is vital to improve its energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is particularly important for energy-constrained edge devices. The slowdown in scaling and the end of Moore’s Law make it urgent to find new approaches.


Analog compute in memory with Multi-Level Cell (MLC) ReRAM promises highly dense and efficient compute support for machine learning and scientific computing. We present an SoC prototype comprised of four self-contained ReRAM- based CIM tiles and a RISC-V host. The measured raw and normalized peak efficiencies are 20.7 and 662 TOPS/W, respectively. The compute density is 8.4 TOPS/mm2.