Our research team have successfully taped out a total of 8 chips this week, despite the challenges of working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ranging from the first CMOS-based integrated inductive sensor with high resolution ADC targeted towards endoscope integration. Designed to validate the development of a new SoC receiver architecture for electromagnetic tracking (EMT), the design includes an integrated magnetic sensor coil, analog signal filtering and conditioning, followed by a 16b ADC for digital signal processing. Another was developed to validate a new technology platform for the miniaturization and integration of systems and subsystems for digitization (A/D conversion) of smart catheters. Also an ultra-low power ADC that targets sub 1kHz sampling rate and 12-16 bit resolution for Biomedical, IoT and Smart-Agri based applications, that validates an alternate architecture for level crossing ADC using a binary search algorithms. A strategic focus of MCCI’s research programme is to enable new applications and technologies in a number of key areas which have been identified in the national development plan.