Dr. Ivan O’ Connell – Cyro CMOS Project

The research will focus on addressing the on-going research challenges associated with realizing “Real-World” precision circuits, which address the end-application requirements. They will establish a research activity in the area of “Cryo-CMOS”, which has two primary applications: Quantum Computing and electronics for satellite and space based applications. The activity will be focused on developing the precision CMOS circuits required to operate at those cryogenic temperatures.

In the area of Quantum Computing, the goal of Quantum Supremacy will only be achieved by having 50 to 100 Qbits, the sensing, control and reading of these Qbits requires a significant amount of CMOS electronics which is not currently in place, especially at the necessary power levels and with the required precision. Similarly, with a growing number of satellites, it is no longer sustainable to heat all the on-board electronics to 300 Kelvin to ensure their successful and sustained operation. Instead, a significant percentage of these electronics will be required to operate at the ambient space temperature which can vary significantly depending on far away it is from the various planets, the sun and stars. This will significantly reduce the cost of the satellites which is required to support the growth in this area of the coming years.

This project was allocated funding following the MCCI call for proposals for research into innovative future technology solutions in the area of microelectronics. The centre awarded over €5 million in funding to eight MCCI researchers for research into deeptech microelectronic solutions such as beyond 5G wireless communications, implantable biomedical devices, IoT, space and satellite electronics, and sustainable electronics.

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